Pillow Talk – February 2014

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Welcome to the inaugural issue of Pillow Talk by Pillow Mint Partners. The intent of the the newsletter is provide useful, interesting and engaging content.  Any feedback you can provide on this issue and what you would like to see in future issues will be deeply appreciated, as Pillow Talk wants to grow with you.

Please enjoy this inaugural issue.


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What is Pillow Mint Partners
Enter To Win A $100.00 VISA Gift Card
Take the PMP Hotel IQ Test
Need Staffing Assistance?
Avoid the Pitfalls of E-Mail Promotion
Why Ongoing Sales Training and Coaching is Invaluable
Top 10 Food Trends – 2014
Two Hands Two Cans

What is Pillow Mint Partners?

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February 2014 Survey


A $100.00 VISA Gift Card can be waiting for you!

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Take the Pillow Mint Partners Hotel IQ Test

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Hospitality Taskforce

Need Staffing Assistance?

Is the sales office short staffed due to a vacant position or a leave of absence? Need someone to fill in for a short time? Need a telemarketer to call on inactive files to generate new leads?

Look no further than HospitalityTASKFORCE – providing staffing solutions  for almost every position in the hotel.

Tony DiRaimondo

Avoid the Pitfalls of E-Mail Promotion

EmailIt is a New Year – new budget and revenue

goals. As  we begin to develop our e-mail campaigns, our thoughts on how to get that e-mail opened and getting the reader to purchase your services…here are a few tips on how to make that happen awhile minimizing opt-out’s.

Email marketing is a very cost-effective and measurable marketing strategy to promote your organization, upcoming convention and overall membership. According to the Direct Marketing Association, every dollar spent on email marketing results in a $39.40 return on investment. But that’s easier said than done. To achieve those kinds of numbers, four challenges must be met: getting an email into a recipient’s inbox, getting the recipient to open your email, getting the recipient to act on your email, and keeping a recipient from opting out.

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Why Ongoing Sales Training and Coaching is Invaluable

Training & CoachingWe all agree that hotels are always

looking for ways to reduce their overall expenses generally at the expense of ongoing sales training. While this may look good on paper, in reality it is the worst thing an hotelier can do.

What is not realized is the ongoing sales training can actually assist the hotel achieve its revenue goals:

  • Through difficult economic times
  • Keep the hotel ahead of the competitive set
  • Reel in business that positively impacts the hotels bottom line without sacrificing the targeted ADR

Selling during the boom times is no longer viable and simply passé.

Today’s sales managers not only have to sell differently, they must learn how to anticipate client needs and expectations.

The sales process has to be transformed into a “buyer focused” format where getting key details while building a relationship is the primary goals.

It is far more productive (not to mention cost effective) to ‘pitch’ to the ‘right’ client by knowing their needs vs. simply making a sales call – which literally is a waste of time and money.

The days of following a sales quota (a predetermined number of sales calls/telephone calls etc.) is passé -it is far more effective and productive to make quality calls which ultimately will result in a higher ROI.

Ongoing sales training encourages sales managers to replace ineffective practices with effective bottom line, results oriented sales practices.

In between the ongoing sales training sessions sales managers can practice what they learn in the real world.

Ongoing sales coaching ensures that all discussions incorporate knowledge gained from sales training and that appropriate actions are taken. Sales managers become disciplined and accountable.

Ongoing sales training should be more than strategy and technique. Sales training should begin with building a strong foundation. That foundation is your sales team!

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What are the Top 10 Food Trends for 2014?

Top Food TrendsThe National Restaurant Association’s annual What’s Hot culinary forecast predicts menu trends for the year ahead by surveying nearly 1,300 professional chefs – members of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) – and the results for 2014 are in.  The top restaurant menus trends for 2014 focus on local sourcing, environmental sustainability and nutrition – children’s nutrition in particular. These trends have been gaining momentum for several years, indicating that these wider themes influence the national culinary scene.  To read more click here

Two Hands Two Cans – Genre Hotels

Two Hands Two CansGenre Outreach:  By helping the homeless, the neglected, the abused, the disabled, and our other needy neighbors, we have the ability to serve wisely. Our goal is to be the servant leaders of this generation, contributing our gifts, utilizing our talents, and becoming conscious of the world around us. We try to make a difference in the lives of others and in our own lives as well.

Our Efforts: Whether it’s a helping hand for the homeless, assistance for the abused, care for the disabled, or a battle against cancer, we all have the ability to contribute our time to be of service to one another and become more aware of the good within us.

2 Hands 2 Cans:  Inspiring Industry leaders to mentor youth through community outreach!  Please contact chris@genrehotels.com to join our cause!

Learn more about Genre Hotels…click here 

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