Top 10 Tips For a Successful Tradeshow (Continued)

(Part 2)

6.  Stay Motivated The Whole Time: When you’re on the trade show floor for days on end, it can be tricky to keep a consistent, energetic stamina from the start of day one to the final minute of the last day. In order to ensure a quality experience for all those you interact with, find incentives, whether internally or with coworkers, that will keep you motivated to represent your company well. If it’s exceeding your personal and company goals or holding a contest between booth staff, find a way to keep trade show morale up.

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Millennials – is what they seek realistic?

There are two schools of thought on the millennial generation, ranging from, ‘they are the entitled generation’ to ‘the generation of change’.  Whatever definition is applied, one issue is clear, this generation does at some level represent change in the workplace and they clearly strive for a balanced life – desiring fulfillment at both work and home.

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6 Fabulous Tips For Remaining Productive On Business Travel

Business travel is an essential part of life and yes, it can be exhausting. Last year I had thirteen business trips – conducting sales calls and attending trade shows. Then there is the choice of keeping up with the workload while on the road, or tackling it when returning to the office. Guess which option I choose – yep! I choose to keep up with the workload while traveling. It was one of my most exhausting years ever! However, I was able to stay on top of everything and not miss a beat!

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