Pillow Talk – August 2014

Dear Amita,

Welcome to the slightly delayed August 2014 issue of Pillow Talk.

August marks the last month of summer…and the beginning of a new school year!  We continue to develop our Sales and Marketing Plans, while reviewing marketing strategy for various channels and reviewing the latest travel trends and data.

For those who want to ‘Turbo Charge’ their marketing campaigns for 2015, there are a few great tips below.

To get you motivated – I have shared a few tweets on leadership…nothing better than a jolt of inspiration from a great leader!

As sales team plot out their strategy and action plans for the New Year, I have shared an article by Lori Richardson with Business 2 Community on how to reach key people.

In October, The NYC Tradeshow is hosting another terrific tradeshow in Manhattan. Combine the tradeshow with great pre-arranged sales calls make this ‘not to miss’ event for boutique and lifestyle hotels.

I have developed a new sense of purpose and direction this summer. Shedding unwanted ‘baggage’ stored in two storage units (Salvation Army really scored on some great stuff!), strengthening personal relationships and realizing that asking for assistance is not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of strength, I have a clearer mind and vision. We should all clean out the clutter every few months – both physically and mentally – it will keep us focused and on track with our goals and objectives.

Warmest Regards


In This Issue

What is Pillow Mint Partners
Take the PMP Hotel IQ Test
Need Staffing Assistance?
30 Steller Techniques To Reach People
Turbo Charge Your 2015 Marketing Efforts
The NYC Tradeshow – October 2014
Leadership Tweets
New Hotels – Genre Hotels

What is Pillow Mint Partners?

Find out more about Pillow Mint Partners and how we can assist you achieve your revenue and marketing goals in 2014…click here

Take the Pillow Mint Partners Hotel IQ Test

IQ Test

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Hospitality Taskforce

Need Staffing Assistance?

Is the sales office short staffed due to a vacant position or a leave of absence? Need someone to fill in for a short time? Need a telemarketer to call on inactive files to generate new leads?

Look no further than HospitalityTASKFORCE – providing staffing solutions  for sales, catering, conference services and upper management positions.

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Tony DiRaimondo

30 Stellar Techniques To Reach People!

SuccessHow can you reach prospects, B2B decision makers, influencers, and strategic partners. Without any more introduction, here are some “discussion starters.”

  1. Clearer voicemail messages – stating the purpose of your call.
  2. Voicemail message (when you know you’re reaching a decision maker) conveying that their company falls into your company’s “sweet spot” (if it does), and then let them know why. Often when business people know you know the market, they are more apt to talk. Don’t be afraid to let them know that you feel they could be a great prospective client / customer.
  3. To reach a C-level executive, call before 8AM or after 5PM.
  4. To reach someone who spends a lot of time on conference calls and phone meetings, try 5-10 minutes before the hour.
  5. Get an external referral to an executive.
  6. Get an internal referral to an executive.
  7. When getting an internal referral (higher up person to lower person), and you don’t get a return call, let that person you were referred to know that you promised (the higher up person) that you’d reach them – this gives some internal leverage. You can also say that you told the exec (if you did) that you would follow-up after you reached them.
  8. When you leave multiple voicemails over time, make sure to “own” not reaching them – you’ve called when they were away from their desk, they are super busy, etc.
  9. Make good notes in your CRM system (you have one, right?) and know what your next action is – then set it.
  10. Be somewhat vague or mysterious. “I’m calling about Marriott” – if Marriott is one of your clients and this prospect is in the hospitality industry. Mystery elicits curiosity. Curiosity gets action.
  11. Gain social knowledge – there is a big world out there on the internet – are you leveraging it to learn about prospects?
  12. Find triggers that affect your prospects, and tie them into your messaging.
  13. Get names or titles confirmed using LinkedIn or other tool – then pick up the phone and call. This can be a very quick two-step process to connecting to people, rather than long research times and crafting emails.
  14. Reference a commonality between you and your buyer, or your company and their company. Example: One of their board members is also with a company that is a client of yours.
  15. Be persistent and follow up. Most sellers don’t follow up enough. Doing just this one thing will grow opportunities.

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Turbo Charge Your 2015 Marketing Efforts

Turbo-Charge Your BusinessMarketing directors are inundated daily with more opportunities than they can manage. It can become easily overwhelming to keep marketing strategies current and effective. For the New Year contemplate five quick tips to turbo charge your marketing efforts.

Power up your digital toolbox to generate interest and demand by intensifying your social media presence. So, you are already connecting on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Vine, and Instagram, but are you capitalizing on the effectiveness of video to broadcast your brand story and to drive traffic? Develop a series of VINE videos. Use these videos in email campaigns, social media, and on your website.

Don’t forget about mobile commerce. Separate desktop and mobile websites are as out-of-date as your old iPad 1 — your site should now be responsive. If you don’t have a responsive site, you are out in left field.  Get caught up NOW with a responsive site!

Online Customer Targeting
If your marketing budget is limited, use your budget wisely and continue to use advertising dollars online. Unless you have very large budgets for multiple insertions, traditional media is difficult to track success. Consider reserving some budget for banner ads that reach your specific target demographic. For example, are you trying to build more customers in the entrainment industry or needing to book more group business? Your target customer likely follows certain industry blogs and websites. Shift dollars toward these niche sites – your budget will stretch farther and the potential exposure much more targeted.

Content. Content. Content.
Email blasts, social media, direct mail – a barrage of special, exclusive offers are generally ignored. Current and potential customers are constantly bombarded with this approach and often ignore them. Consider an editorial approach instead. People read things that are interesting – review your Facebook feed and note all the shared articles. Think about your campaigns, are they interesting and compelling enough that if you received it you would share it on social media? Feature your key attributes in an information-rich editorial style.


  • Hire a design expert to write a blog story about your new suites or pending renovations. Utilize it in your email, social media, and website campaigns.
  • Have top wedding vendors (florists, photographers, etc.) provide planning tips to help announce your new wedding package and offerings.
  • Enlist a top 10 list from your concierge on niche “insider” must-do’s or see’s with the release of your newest rooms package.
  • Ask your Chef to come up with the 10 items you should have in your pantry at all times with the announcement of your new seasonal menu.

The list is endless. Get creative – think like an editor, and watch your click through rates increase!

Do not forget about direct mail. Customers still respond to the look and feel of catalogs/newsletters with appealing pictures and stories hand-spun by you. Use your email campaigns to weed out a direct mail list. Look through the click through rates. If a customer has clicked through on your last two campaigns, they are active, interested and worth the investment for a direct mail piece. If they have not, they do not make the list.

Tip: Instead of large runs of postcards to thousands that likely get tossed into the trash, move dollars toward small “gift-like” direct mail presentations to your top 100-200 customers. Make the ‘package’ bulky so it stands out from the rest of the mail. It makes a better impression leading to better potential ROI.

Need Help to turbo charge your 2015 Marketing efforts, contact:  amita@pillowmintpartners.com

The NYC Tradeshow – October 2014

NYC Trade ShowThe NYC Tradeshow is the perfect event for a boutique and lifestyle hotel to participate in. The show producers are deeply invested in the boutique world and understand the different needs and nuances of this growing segment.

Brought to you by the LA Trade Show team, The NYC Trade Show will be the corporate, entertainment, and high touch travel industry’s celebrity for the week of October 6, 2014 on the East Coast. The event will welcome more than 500  qualified clients and more throughout the week of October 6th in Manhattan for 2 days of sales calls presentations throughout the city, plus the trade show, and capping off with their famous annual corporate panel lunch at 54 Below.  The lunch will be located right off Times Square on October 8. This lunch is known for its illustrious networking and educational programming, with the corporate buyers as our panelists (the exhibitors will be the audience) and a cutting edge moderator.  Everyone will all be the heart of the big apple, a New York moment off of 5th Avenue for an incomparable great time at New York City’s prominent venues for these 3 days. The NYC Tradeshow welcomes you to join them!

Your hotel can participate in pre-arranged appointments and sales calls. These appointment-based calls combine entertainment, corporate, production, small group & leisure presentations, and sales calls at the client office. This is always convenient for the client!

The sales calls are:

  • Held in collaboration with the trade show, panel discussion and sales workshops.
  • Always held during the first two days of the trade show week in the host city, the presentations preempt the trade show and esteemed panel discussion.
  • The team schedules and confirms hard to get appointments for travel related buyer companies.
  • The Registration Fees cover this cost. Just mark the correct box and pay ahead!
  • Board Room style presentations for you and your team of 5 persons are the rule.
  • The Team Leader for each sales team has years of marketplace experience with conducting sales calls & presentations, ensuring professionalism and networking beyond the expectation.
  • Catered Presentations are included with the big accounts during meal times.

The Tradeshow Floor: List of qualified buyers to date –Click Here

Plan to participate in this innovative event…you will not be disappointed!  Registration form – Click Here

Director -Jody Flowers

Sponsorships and Exhibitors – Chris Willard

Accounting – Mary Ann Selvaggio

Telephone: (323) 664-4472

Five Invaluable Tweets on Leadership

Invaluable Tweets on Leadership

Always hire people smarter than yourself or you aren’t doing your job as a leader  –  @BarbGS10

Inspire a bold vision, listen actively, then empower your team by getting out of their way  –  @ozdane

Leaders think complexly; but communicate simply…if they can’t remember it, it can’t be executed  –  @jim_mcginnis

Your title makes you the manager, your people will decide if you’re the leader – @IntuitBrad

Great leaders prepare during the good times, reassure through the bad times and inspire teams to win at all times – @Wernikoff

Genre Hotels – New Hotels

Genre Hotels

Hotels recently added to the Genre Hotels portfolio:
Nothing to add this month.

Learn more about Genre Hotels…click here 


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