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Welcome to the July/August 2015 issue of Pillow Talk.

OMG! Time has flown by in 2015! RFP season has arrived… so the question is: ‘Are You Ready?’

Pillow Mint Partners specializes in the RFP process with both  Lanyon and  Sabre. We also offerAgency 360‘ drill down’ on the data, so your sales team can focus on selling vs. data mining. For more information and additional services provided, simply email us at: amita@pillowmintpartners.com.

As hoteliers strategize for 2016, it is important to reflect on what worked and did not work in 2015.  This issue focuses on travel statistics to consider for marketing strategies in 2016; how hoteliers can influence the booking decision and boost bookings online.

There are two great events scheduled this Fall: The NYC Tradeshow and BLLA’s Leadership Symposium. These events are designed specifically for boutique and lifestyle hotels. Register today!

This is a great time to schedule brainstorming sessions with your teams. Fresh ideas; constructive feedback on what worked in 2015 and what did not is a great way to start…but do not limit there…think about what makes your hotel unique from the competitive set and use that as leverage to target/secure new business.

Pillow Mint Partners extends full range of sales and marketing services that will address any needs you may have. The goal is to have your sales team focus on selling … let someone else take care of the ‘grunt’ work. Contact us at: amita@pillowmintpartners.com for a complimentary consultation.

Check out the Pillow Mint Partners Blog page for more content that can guide you, your sales team and the hotel

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What Factors Trigger Hotel Bookings and How Hoteliers Can Influence  the Booking Decision

Book HotelAccording to study by TrustYou, 95% of travelers read reviews.

The study was designed to understand which factors (e.g.

cleanliness, service, Wi-Fi, etc.) mentioned within those reviews

have the greatest influence on travelers’ booking decisions.

Eight travel scenarios (romantic get-away to business travel) were provided to US travelers in simulated booking environments. Pricing and quality variables were kept constant. Respondents were asked to choose a hotel in each scenario based only on a short review snippet containing a couple of words about hotel attributes, such as “great service,” “free Wi-Fi,” “clean rooms,” etc.

The findings showed the complexity of the booking process. For a hotel to be considered it must provide the basics such as cleanliness and comfort – the two most important factors in determining where to stay. However, when presented review ‘snippets’ or excerpts within a booking scenario, travelers often choose a hotel based on other factors relevant to the context in which they are traveling.

 To read more click here

Drive profitable bookings by building a loyal customer base 

eCommerceToday e-commerce is redefining the buying pattern of consumers. Its impact is evidently felt in the hospitality industry too. Online hotel booking is growing in significance, especially with a bulk of it being driven by online travel agents. However, while hotels are ensuring occupancy through third party distribution, a recent industry report states that customer acquisition costs in the hotel industry are on average 15% to 25% of total revenue, more than four times the 3% to 6% seen in airlines and the 4% to 6% in car rentals.

As a hotelier, how can you address this challenge?

We suggest you transform your own hotel website into a powerful online channel, to drive direct bookings and ensure repeat business. Brand.com site can significantly lower your customer acquisition cost as well as improve you guest relationship management. Powered with an advanced guest-centric booking technology, a hotel website can let you interact with your guests personally, understand their preferences and create custom packages and rates, build loyalty through promo-codes, and provide opportunity to select multiple services in a single transaction – thereby enhancing guest experience right from the first touch point.

To read more click here

NYC Trade ShowOctober 5 to 7, 2015

The NYC  Tradeshow is the perfect event for a boutique and lifestyle hotel to participate in. The   show producers are deeply invested in the boutique world and  under- stand the different needs  and nuances of this growing segment.

Brought to you by the LA Trade Show team, event will be the corporate, entertainment, and high touch travel industry’s celebrity for the week of October 5, 2015. The event will welcome more than 500  qualified clients and more throughout the week for 2 days of sales calls presentations throughout the city, plus the tradeshow, and capping it off with their famous annual corporate panel lunch at Below 54. The luncheon is k own for its networking and educational programming with corporate buyers as the panelists (the exhibitors are the audience) and cutting edge moderator.

Your hotel can participate in pre-arranged appointments and sales calls. These appointment based calls combine entertainment, corporate, production, small group and leisure clients.

This is always convenient for the client!

The sales calls are:

  • Held in collaboration with the trade show, panel discussion and sales workshops.
  • Always held during the first two days of the trade show week in the host city, the presentations preempt the trade show and esteemed panel discussion.
  • The team schedules and confirms hard to get appointments for travel related buyer companies.
  • The Registration Fees cover this cost – Just mark the correct box and pay ahead!
  • Board Room style presentations for you and your team of 5 persons are the rule.

The Team Leader for each sales team has years of marketplace experience with conducting sales calls & presentations, ensuring professionalism and networking beyond the expectations.

Catered Presentations are included with the big accounts during meal times.

Director – Jody Flowers – Jody@thelatradeshow.com

Sales for Sponsorships & Exhibitors – Kerry Cooper – cooper@hotelpaparazzi.com
Accounting – Mary-Ann Selvaggio –maryann@thelatradeshow.com



BLLAOctober 21 – 23, 2015 

Santa Monica, CA – Boutique Lifestyle Hospitality Leadership Symposium

To be added to the list for BLLA Conference updates email: info@blla.org and indicate which conference or conferences you are interested in. 
Click here for more information on how BLLA services the boutique and lifestyle hospitality industry


Genre Hotels – New Hotels

Genre Hotels
Hotels recently added to the Genre Hotels portfolio:

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Learn more about Genre Hotels…click here

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