Pillow Talk – April, May 2014

Dear Amita,

Welcome to the April/May 2014 issue of Pillow Talk by Pillow Mint Partners. I am combining the two months for a couple of reasons:

While on a business trip to Dallas, I got sick…which, lingered for close to two weeks. At the same time, I moved into a new home and we all know what goes with moving… aarrgghh!  All is well now…I love my new home and it is set up in a way that just jumpstarts my creative juices!

I am a firm believer that as individuals, we alone are successful as we want to be. Complacency breeds an indifferent attitude which eventually leads to stagnancy. Keeping abreast of new trends, technology or staying on top of the latest developments in one’s career field is an individual’s responsibility alone to continue growing and/or maintaining an edge over the competition.

Enjoy this issue of Pillow Talk and I would love to hear back any feedback you may have…

Warmest Regards

In This Issue

What is Pillow Mint Partners
Enter To Win A $100.00 VISA Gift Card
Take the PMP Hotel IQ Test
Need Staffing Assistance?
Content Marketing 101
Create a Superstar Sales Person!
Simple Ways to Elevate Service
Cool Apps For Your Phone
New Hotels – Genre Hotels

What is Pillow Mint Partners?

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April/May 2014 Survey


A $100.00 VISA Gift Card can be waiting for you!
Take this quick survey and be entered to win a $100.00 Visa Gift Card. Results will be shared in the March 2014 Issue of Pillow Talk!

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Take the Pillow Mint Partners Hotel IQ Test

IQ Test

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Hospitality Taskforce

Need Staffing Assistance?

Is the sales office short staffed due to a vacant position or a leave of absence? Need someone to fill in for a short time? Need a telemarketer to call on inactive files to generate new leads?

Look no further than HospitalityTASKFORCE – providing staffing solutions  for sales, catering, conference services and upper management positions.

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Tony DiRaimondo

Content Marketing 101

Content MarketingTraditional marketing methods are becoming less and less viable in today’s competitive market due to advanced technology. Today’s consumer is more tech savvy than ever and gets bored easily. Consumers are more informed than ever on products and services they want via various distribution channels.  Traditional methods are becoming boring and outdated and not interesting to the today’s highly informed consumer.  This in turn leads to low conversion rates, decreased website traffic and lower ROI.

Companies are seeking ways to implement new, creative and fresh marketing strategies with the primary goal of positioning their company and executives as experts in their industry. This not only increases a company’s overall credibility, it also shortens the sales cycle. The most effective thought leadership campaigns use content marketing to educate readers (potential clients, media, industry experts, etc.) about a company’s area of expertise.

What is Content Marketing?
Content marketing is a targeted marketing strategy that involves creating insightful, engaging and interesting written content with the goal of creating customer loyalty and increasing opportunities for future business. An effective content marketing strategy will engage its targeted audience with relevant information leaving them better informed and interested to find out more.

Content marketing can include a variety of tactics including but not limited to:

  • Articles published in high-profile publications
  • Blogging
  • e-Books
  • Webinars

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5 Mindsets That Can Turn Your Average Performer Into A Superstar!

5 Mindsets That Can Turn Your  Average Performer Into A Superstar!It is generally not too difficult to notate the differences between an average performer and a poor one. It is easy to spot skills like work habits, product knowledge, communication style and the use of sales tools which are all indicators of general competence.

The challenge for most organizations is not determining the difference between good and bad, it is about determining the difference between good and great.

Why are some sales people superstars, while other in the same situation, selling the same ‘stuff’ to the same customers, experience a much lower success rate?

This is a question that every CEO and Vice President of Sales wants to know.

Does it involve better call planning, asking more questions; have a thorough understanding of the customers or more sales activity? Organizations have been trying to crack the code of sales success for quite a while.

What is the difference between merely competent and simply stellar? Is it possible to turn average performers into great ones? The answer is an astounding yes!

The mistake most organizations and most sales training programs make is that they try to each skill before addressing the mindset. Selling skills models, questioning techniques, call planning worksheets and strategic roadmaps are all helpful tools for improving sales performance, however, they will only take you so far.

To truly create superstars one has to get inside people’s heads and train them to think differently, before you can expect them to act differently.

Most people are capable of becoming superstars…the reason they are not star performers is not because they don’t to, it is because their leadership has not provided them with any new thought processed that may make them better. One cannot expect to change behavior unless it is taught.

Here are five mindsets that separate superstars from therest and how you can teach everyone in your organization to embrace them.

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Simple Way To Elevate Service

Exceptional ServiceAmerican Express recently conducted a survey exploringattitudes and preferences toward customer service. The survey revealed seven in ten Americans (70%) are willing to spend an average of 13% more with companies they believe provide excellent customer service.

Even so, the same survey indicated that six in ten Americans (60%) believe businesses haven’t increased their focus on providing good customer service. Among this group, 26% think companies are actually paying less attention to service.

So the question continues: “Why is it that businesses consistently claim to value customers, yet inconsistently deliver exceptional customer service?”

What are the truths about exceptional customer service?

  1. It involves job essence. Every employee’s job is made up of both job function (the duties and tasks associated with a job role) and job essence (an employee’s purpose or highest priority which, for employees at most companies is to create a delighted customer).
  2. It’s voluntary. While obtaining a valid method of payment (a job function) is required, smiling or making eye contact (job essence) is voluntary.
  3. It’s free. While employees are paid to perform job functions, there’s no extra charge to smile, make eye contact, or add enthusiasm to their voices.

Most employees in most service organizations are unaware of the above truths simply because no one’s mentioned them. Instead, most managers spend time talking about job function, procedures, and operational efficiency while scrutinizing hours to schedule, forecasts, and profit and loss statements.

The result: Employees are unaware of the subtle opportunities they lose daily to show job essence, elevate the quality of their personal customer service, and make lasting positive impressions on the customers they serve.

There are seven simple ways employees can incorporate job essence into their daily job functions.

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Cool Apps For Smartphones, i-Phones and Tablets

Cool AppsWe all love our smartphones/i-phones. I cannot live without mine…I also love my apps…makes life so much more easier and convenient…especially when you are constantly on the run working with tight schedules.

Over the next few months I will be sharing really cool apps that are fun, makes life easier and keep you informed. Here are the apps for this month:

AudioNote: combines the functionality of a notepad and voice recorder to create a powerful tool that will save you time while improving the quality of your notes. It’s the perfect app for students or business.  Available for Android, iPhone and iPad.  Cost: $4.99

Brightest Flashlight: The brightest, fastest, and most handy LED flashlight you will ever have! The one you will never forget to bring when in need! Besides, it is designed to support all android devices! Available for Android, iPhone and iPad.  Cost: Free

DocScan: Unleash your productivity and digitize your documents! With DocScan you can make multipage PDFs by taking photos of any documents, invoices, whiteboards, receipts etc.It also allows you to add text and effects.  Available for Android, iPhone and iPad.  Cost: Free to $3.00 (depends on which version you want)

Dropbox: An app that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. After you install Dropbox on your computer, any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers, your Android device, and even the Dropbox website! Available for Android, iPhone and iPad.  Cost: Free

Expensify: Can’t stand your expense reports? I know I dread this ‘chore’ but it has to be done. Expensify makes capturing receipts, tracking time or mileage, business travel and creating expense reports quick and easy. Acknowledged by the tech community as the best app for expense reporting, Expensify takes the time, paper, and headaches out of your expense reports! Simply put, Expensify does expense reports that don’t suck! Available for Android, iPhone and iPad.  Cost: Free

Download and enjoy!

Genre Hotels – New Hotels

Genre Hotels

Hotels recently added to the Genre Hotels portfolio:

El Colibri, Cambria, CA
Luxury on California’s Central Coast

DeClan Suites, San Diego, CA
Culture of San Diego by the harbor

The Stanford Court, San Francisco, CA
Simple luxury atop Nob Hill

Platinum Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
Ranked by TripAdvisor as a Top 10 Vegas hotel

Learn more about Genre Hotels…click here

Pillow Talk


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