Top 10 Tips For a Successful Tradeshow (Continued)

(Part 2)

6.  Stay Motivated The Whole Time: When you’re on the trade show floor for days on end, it can be tricky to keep a consistent, energetic stamina from the start of day one to the final minute of the last day. In order to ensure a quality experience for all those you interact with, find incentives, whether internally or with coworkers, that will keep you motivated to represent your company well. If it’s exceeding your personal and company goals or holding a contest between booth staff, find a way to keep trade show morale up.

7.  Promotional Items: Promotional items are an extension of your company’s brand. Yet, this area is probably the least important to most companies.  Many hotels ‘dump’ the items they longer want at these events…not a good thing to do. The item should reflect your brand and message.  Who really wants another click-y pen that’s probably not going to work?

8.  Promote Yourself: Always be sure to have business cards on you at the trade show and outside of the trade show, and be mindful about how you hand them out.  Only give your business card to people who you’ve established a strong, quality connection with, instead of every single person you bump into…and make sure you get theirs!  Additionally, strive to get business cards from those you interact with;  this way, you’re guaranteed to have their contact information on hand and can easily follow up with them. Important to remember: quality vs. quantity.

9.  Use Social Media: Trade shows can be a fantastic place to accomplish some, if not all, of the following:

  • Grow your social following – both people and businesses are looking to engage with you and the same goes for your online presence before, during, and after the show
  • Connect with professionals in your industry
  • Generate leads

10.  Always Follow Up: We all know the importance of following up with a client after a sales meeting, well the same principal can be applied here. It is important that follow up with the connections made at the trade show is done no later than 10 days after the show. These new contacts are not only valuable leads or business associations to have, but they could prove to be lifelong company friends as well.


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