Top 10 Tips For a Successful Tradeshow

Trade shows are a huge investment for companies that attend and exhibit at them annually. The question always comes back to – what is the ROI on the event and is it worth attending again.

Below are key tips for a successful trade show…By following these guidelines will assist you calculate the ROI and in determining if the trade show was successful…You will find that the underlying theme for a successful show is preparation and research.

  1. Research Other Companies: This is probably the most important aspect. Knowing if your competitors are going to be present will assist you with your strategies. Most tradeshow website will have a list of companies exhibiting at the event. Target your competitors; know their product so you can draft a successful strategy for the trade show. Then be prepared to talk to visitors about how your company’s offerings differ from your competitors.
  2. Set Specific Goals: Approach the trade show with clearly defined objectives, both at a business level and a personal level. Set goals that are measurable, timely, and precise, yet also realistic and attainable. Include quantifiable and logistical objectives like establishing a certain amount of qualified leads, generating a certain amount of revenue, or meeting a certain amount of new key clients
  3. Promote Like Crazy: Generate excitement about company’s presence trade show. Send out save the date messages including the booth number and indicate if there is anything special about the booth that will draw attendees to the booth such as an i-pad drawing or an exotic trip for two. Implement a social media strategy to engage potential /existing clients; use your personal social media presence to post updates about your company being at the show, or use it to connect with other attendees.
  4. Make Plans With Other Industry Colleagues: Before the tradeshow, reach out to key people you know who will be attending the trade show. It’s important to re-establish your connections with those important, influential individuals within your industry that you may only see every few years. Extend an invitation to meet up for dinner or catch up over a quick coffee break. By working them into your plans in advance, it shows that you’re interested in keeping in touch and building your relationship.
  5. Dress To Impress: When representing your company at a trade show, it is best that the attire is professional to make a good impression with clients you interact with.  At the very least, attire should be business casual attire, but business professional clothing is highly respectable and more tasteful..

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