Why Ongoing Sales Training/ Coaching Is Invaluable

We all agree that hotels are always – especially smaller hotels with 200 rooms or less, look for ways to reduce their overall expenses generally at the expense of ongoing sales training. While this may look good on paper, in reality it is the worst thing an hotelier can do.

sales-training-value-pillow-mint-partnersWhat is not realized is the ongoing sales training can actually assist the hotel achieve its revenue goals:

  • Through difficult economic times
  • Keep the hotel ahead of the competitive set
  • Reel in business that positively impacts the hotels bottom line without sacrificing the targeted ADR

Sales training scheduled only during the ‘boom times’ is no longer viable and simply passé.
Today’s sales managers not only have to sell differently, they must learn how to anticipate client needs and expectations.
The sales process has to be transformed into a “buyer focused” format where getting key details while building a relationship is the primary goals.
There is more than one type of sales training – strength training for sales is a newer approach with a higher ROI.
It is far more productive (not to mention cost effective) to ‘pitch’ to the ‘right’ client by knowing their needs vs. simply making a sales call – which literally is a waste of time and money.
The days of following a sales quota* is passé –it is far more effective and productive to make quality calls which ultimately will result in a higher ROI.
Ongoing sales training encourages sales managers to replace ineffective, practices with effective bottom line, results oriented sales practices.
In between the ongoing sales training sessions sales managers can practice what they learn in the real world.
Ongoing sales coaching ensures that all discussions incorporate knowledge gained from sales training and that appropriate actions are taken. Sales managers become disciplined and accountable.
Ongoing sales training should be more than strategy and technique. Sales training should begin with building a strong foundation. That foundation is your sales team and long term continuous success!
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